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What is Logo?

Logos are distinct and memorable patterns used to represent a company or business. The design of a logo is the process of designing a logo and is one of the first tasks undertaken when starting a new business. Therefore, logos are the face of all brands. Right from the first impression, if they are properly executed, they are a very powerful asset for the company. Moreover, in today’s digital language, businesses must compete for attention and credibility – far beyond the traditional boundaries of a business card, brochure and website. Today’s businesses need to address multiple points of contact to their customers, such as billboards, videos, mobile apps, ecommerce platforms, packaging, and a multitude of media pages. like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. It is therefore important to take time and design a logo representing the company when starting a new business.
Some of the important things to consider when designing a logo are the target audience, the culture of the company, the colors of the company, the choice of the font, the name of the company and the slogan. The logo does not need to incorporate the trade name or slogan. However, if the logo is to be registered as TradeMark, then it must include the company name.

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